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The World’s Tallest Sandcastle and 4 Other Sandsculpture Marvels

We all have talents – some of us may have the gift of singing, others may be incredible painters with one of a kind ideas, while some people may be incredible builders when working with sand. Yes, that’s right, sand. Even though it may seem a pretty unusual construction material, in the last years sand has indeed proved to be a reliable allay when it came to building impressive castles or sculptures, even though their life span wasn’t long.

Do you have trouble picturing an enormous castle with big windows and massive towers build out of such a contestable material? Well, a group of talented people showed us that nothing is impossible.

The World’s Tallest Sandcastle

At the beginning of June 2007, a talented and motivated group of seven people began working on what would later become the world’s tallest sandcastle. They had a vision, conceived a plan and started making magic. They entitled themselves “Team Sandtastic” and build the amazing castle as an entry for Myrtle Beach’s 2007 Sun Fun Festival in Sarasota, Florida.

In the end, they won the contest and gave Myrtle Beach the opportunity to be proud that it hosted (even for a short period of time), the tallest sandcastle ever build, which measured 49.55 feet in the air, as an independent surveyor concluded. How can this be possible?

World’s largenst sand castle

It seems like a base of more than 90 feet and a lot of planning may do the trick. In total, the majestic sand castle contained 4,800 cubic yards of sand and the finished piece was ready in ten days of hard work. The result was indeed worth it, even though the Tropical Storm Barry had other plans and remodeled a little bit the castle.

4 Mindblowing Sandsculpture Marvels

Myrtle Beach is also known for hosting the World Record for World’s Longest Sand Sculpture, which had more than 16 miles in length. Who knows what the future may reserve for this record-beating place? We have to stay tuned. Anyhow, apart from Myrtle Beach, building objects, pieces of architecture or even persons out of sand has started to spread more and more all around the world, so that in the last years we got to see incredible sand sculpture marvels such as a life-sized man made out of driftwood and sand which looks as if it was walking, an incredible sand Ferrari which looks as close to its metal relative as possible, a barrel that perfectly captures the texture of wood and metal rings and even a mind blowing sand replica of the Sphinx which won the 2006 US Open Sandcastle Competition as it had amazing details and shapes.

Follow your dreams

Would you have expected to call a world marvel something made out of sand? Would you have thought that a material as common as sand would have so much potential when it comes to building different things? Such an alternative wouldn’t have probably popped into your mind twenty years ago, but today it has become a reality – sand sculptures are a form of art that not many people master and we should indeed appreciate the works of the people who have committed a part of their time to impress us with their talent.

More awesome “Sand-Art”

Do you have a special talent? Do you enjoy doing something, but you haven’t done that certain thing in a while? Do you tend to postpone your hobbies because “life” gets into your way? Well, try not to. Try to invest time into your talents and abilities, as they make you happy, they fulfill you as a person and they give you fresh powers to do your everyday chores. In addition, they could easily make other people happy, too, like those sculpture made out of sand brought a smile to so many people’s faces.