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Major Sand Sculpting Events around the World

The modern sand sculpting resulted in lots of sand sculpting events and competitions. Todd VanderPluym and Gerry Kirk teamed up to form the Sand Sculptors International (SSI) which organized a lot of sculptors to create replicas of well known architectures and castles.

Competition and exhibitions are carried out in many countries of the world. They are mostly exhibitions but in some cases, competitions are included. You can expect to see different kinds and styles of sculptures in festivals and exhibitions. The exhibitions are usually within a country or state but some exhibitions are international.


Impressions from "Sand World"

Impressions from “Sand World”, a popular sand sculpting event

Australia is famous for its numerous sand sculpting events and exhibitions. The famous sand sculpting exhibition in Australia is known as Sand Sculpting Australia and since 2008, this festival was helped at Frankston in Victoria. Prior to 2008, the festival was helped at Rye in Victoria. The theme of the festival is peculiar to the year and the theme determines the kind of sculptures that are involved in the festival.


India is famous for its sand sculpting events. Sudarshan Patnaik, an Indian sculptor, established the Golden Sand Art Institute in Puri, an open air sand sculpting institute that does not have any limitation. Another famous sand sculpting event in India is the Goa Sand Art Festival. This sand sculpting event is held every year alongside with Goa Tourism at the Candolim beach. The event spans for three days and it is usually held on December. The themes assigned to the event are so selected to emphasize some issues.


Indonesia holds its major sand sculpting event once in a blue moon. One of the renowned sand sculpting event held in Indonesia occurred between December 18, 2011 and January 28, 2012. The event which was held in Sentul – Bogor, West Java, Indonesia was labeled the largest sand sculpture events in Southeast Asia.


The largest sand sculpting event, the International Sand Sculpture Festival (FIESA) was held in Pera in Algarve. The annual event has been occurring since 2003 and it attracts lots of sculptors from different countries of the world. As a matter of fact, you can find different world class sculptors in this festival from some of the best sculptors from different countries of the world.


The sand sculpting event held in Pakistan is known as Sand Castle Contest. This event began in 2011 and it is held yearly. The event usually features 10 events and it has the same theme of “Clean Beach; Clean Karachi” in each of the year. The event is held in Karachi at the Seaview Beach. The 2012 contest which was the second Sand Castle Contest involved up to 300 people as well as foreigners. The Pakistan Sand Castle Contests usually involve innovative sculpting as some of the best sculptors create awesome shapes and figures.

Other Countries

Russia holds international festival of sand sculptures yearly with different themes. The first sand sculpting event was held in St. Petersburg in the Peter and Paul Fortress. The number of participants in these events keeps increasing each year. A lot of other nations of the world hold sand sculpting events among these are Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and so forth.

The “Sandcastle Days” in South Padre Island

The United States hold a lot of sand sculpting competitions among which are Sand Castle Days and the American Championships. A lot of sculptors from different countries of the world attend these events as it involves lots of innovative sand sculpting and exhibitions. Not only this, there are other sand sculpting events in the United States both at the amateur and the professional levels.