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How to make a Drip Castle with your Kids

Kids are special, we are aware of this. They seem to observe only the good parts in everything that surrounds them, to have endless energy and to always be up to something, which is actually what life should be about. In their play, they never seem to run out of ideas

Sand sculpting with your kids

How to make a Drip Castle with your Kids

– somewhere, maybe in the back pockets of their trousers or little skirts, they always find new ideas, new ways to motivate themselves and the ones around them.

Therefore, if you want to join the fun, all you have to do is put all your prejudices away and start smiling – the ideas will not fail to appear. Maybe this is one of the judgments that helped the idea of drip castles to appear.

Drip Castle Building 101

Drip castles, even though they are not long lasting pieces of architecture, can surely transform into memories that will last a lifetime. They are easy to build, they allow you to play with the kids in way that will attract both of you and they are exactly what you need if you want to exercise your imagination and openness, as all you have to do is go with the wind (or the sand, in this case).

If you are enjoying a well-deserved holiday on a sunny beach, you have everything you need for building a majestic drip castle with the little ones in your life. Be sure to be close enough to the sea, so that when you dig a hole in the sand it fills with water. This will be your “source” and one of the two key elements for a successful castle: water and sand.

A beautiful sand castle

A beautiful sand castle

Next, build a large and solid base for your castle by pressing wet sand on the beach. Be sure that it is stable enough. After this, combine plenty of water with sand until you get a “dough” that has the consistency of a pancake batter (which, in case you aren’t a fan of sweets, is a really thin batter). Then, simply place your full of sand hand thumb down high enough from the already made base and drip, drip and drip until you get a castle that will make jealous even architects like Antonio Gaudi.

Simply enjoy yourself and the time you get to spend with your inventive children. After you are done, set back on your lounge chair and watch the castle disappear slowly as the waves reach it or, if you are more energetic and patience isn’t your best quality, destroy the castle yourself, but be sure to also include the kids. They will indeed have lots of fun and a memory to keep forever.

Building a Drip Castle in your Backyard

Anyhow, even though you don’t have the chance to go to the seaside this year, a backyard will be an optimal place for a drip castle, as well. Be sure to fill a bucket with water, gather plenty of sand, dress yourself and your kids in clothes that don’t mind the mud and do the same procedure as you would do if you were on a beach.

Building a sand sculpture

Remember, the real fun of this activity is the interesting structure that you obtain from that certain blend of water and sand. It is a pleasure for the eye and it makes you feel proud that you have succeeded in creating such an ingenious piece of architecture at a smaller scale. Each time you will obtain something different and totally unique, which is the reason why this activity never gets old. It is simply too engaging for kids and adult alike. These types of results make us realize in what a beautiful world we live and how interesting Mother Nature is.